Dry Trainer – Freediving equalisation dry training


The Dry Trainer,derived from the Otovent, is a great classic for freedivers who want to practice dry trainning to improve their compensation. It is essential to discover, understand and then strengthen the mechanisms allowing good compensation in apnea (Frenzel, Fatah mouthfill, etc.)



The Dry Trainer allows:

  • the neophyte freediver to learn to identify and control his glottis and soft palate
  • the advanced freediver to strengthen the muscles controlling his glottis and soft palate


The dry trainer is complementary to the dry bubbler, also sold on this site:

  • Dry trainer for a first initiation and for training everywhere, as soon as you have a few free minutes
  • Dry bubbler to work at various intensities, simulate various depths and various contexts.


It is designed and manufactured in our workshop in La Ciotat (France), using partially recycled plastic. Comes with three organic natural latex balloons.



Find tips for using the Dry Trainer in our tutorials:


Additional information

Weight 20 g


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