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Arrêtez de vous massacrer les tympans lorsque vous compensez! Le Dry Gauge s’adresse aussi bien aux plongeurs sous marins qu’aux apnéistes (et chasseurs sous-marins!). Il permet de mesurer la pression que vous exercez lorsque vous compensez, et ainsi d’apprendre à la réduire.

En effet, une majorité des plongeurs et apnéistes exercent beaucoup trop de pression sur leurs tympans. Ce qui entraîne gène, douleur, voire une perte d’audition à long terme. A titre d’exemple, nous avons constaté que la plupart des plongeurs sous-marins (utilisant Vasalva pour compenser) exercent instinctivement une pression de plus de 70mm of mercury, i.e. more than three times the necessary pressure.


The Dry Gauge will allow you to measure the pressure you exert, and to train yourself to reduce it.

  • More than 50mm of mercury? NOT GOOD!!!
  • 15 to 20 mm of mercury: your eardrums will thank you!
  • 2-3mm of mercury: Most likely you are using hands free to equalise? If not… think about it, because it seems you have a predisposition!


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The principle:

  • Take a first measurement “without thinking”. Note the measured value.
  • Then make a new VERY PROGRESSIVE equalisation, until you feel a “poc” in the ears. This second value corresponds to the pressure you currently need
  • Repeat this last exercise 2-3 times, then let your eardrums rest.


This exercise will therefore not take you more than 5 minutes!


By repeating it regularly, it is very likely that you will be able to drastically reduce both your “reflex” pressure and the pressure you actually need. The objective is to go at least below 30mm of mercury, and if possible between 15 and 20.


Can you do even better? Well done!




  • A gauge
  • A silicone pipe
  • A tip

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Weight 150 g


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