Dry Bubbler – Freediving equalisation dry training


The Dry Bubbler is the ultimate tool for those who want to dry train, to improve their freediving equalization.


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From the imagination ofAndréa Zuccari, one of the greatest specialists in freediving equalization, the Dry Bubbler allows:

  • the neophyte freediver to learn how to master his compensation or discover new methods of compensation
  • the expert freediver to refine his technique, by simulating various contexts and various depths.


The dry trainer is complementary to the dry bubbler, also sold on this site:

  • Dry Trainer for a first initiation and for training everywhere, as soon as you have a few free minutes
  • Dry bubbler to work at various intensities, simulate various depths and various contexts.

Compared to the Dry Trainer, the Dry Bubbler allows for much finer pressure adjustment. In addition, the pressure can be increased or reduced during the exercise, which makes it possible to simulate a greater number of exercises (increase in pressure during the freefall, variation in pressure to be exerted before and after a load, clogging of the Eustachian tubes…)


It is designed and manufactured in our workshop at La Ciotat (France), using partially recycled plastic materials.


Note: the use of the Dry Bubbler requires a water column of at least 30cm high. This is currently being designed and will be on sale in spring 2024. Until then you can use a 2l soda bottle for example.



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Weight 25 g
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Blue, Black, Clear


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