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  • Dry Bubbler – Freediving compensation training

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    Le dry bubbler est l’outil ultime pour qui souhaite s’entraîner à sec pour améliorer sa compensation en apnée.   Issu de l’imagination d’Andréa Zuccari, un des plus grands spécialistes de la compensation en apnée, le dry bubbler permet: à l’apnéiste néophyte d’apprendre à maîtriser sa compensation ou découvrir de nouvelles méthodes de compensation à l’apnéiste…

  • Dry Trainer – Freediving compensation training

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    The dry trainer is a great classic for freedivers who want to train dry to improve their compensation. It is essential for the neophyte freediver (to learn to identify and control his glottis and the soft palate) as for the advanced freediver (to strengthen the muscles controlling the glottis and the soft palate, and to simulate various contexts and various depths). The dry trainer is complementary to the dry bubbler, also sold on


  • Deepway noseclips: 4 colors available

    Aluminium noseclip for freediving

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    Discover our aluminium nose-clip;


    Finally the best of both worlds!


    If like us you find that:

    • plastic nose clips are too big, too heavy, and move when you paddle too fast
    • aluminum nose clips are beautiful but stiff and uncomfortable

    … then this nose clip is made for you!

    Thin, discreet, comfortable and with minimal hydrodynamic drag, this nose clip was born out of personal frustration and designed for demanding freedivers.

    Its minimalist shape generates very low drag, which prevents the nose clip from moving if you paddle too fast (monofin sprinters will understand!). The ultra-soft cushions, in the meanwhile, provide unparalleled comfort for an aluminum nose clip.

    Small nose or big nose, the curved silhouette of its cushions also makes it possible to adapt to a large number of morphologies: all you have to do is tilt the nose clip to your liking.


    • The cushions being manufactured in our workshop, allow a delay of one to two weeks
    • Colors are subject to lighting.