Charlotte ANTOINE

A promising young athlete!

We are happy to sponsor Charlotte ANTOINE, a very promising young french athlete.

Charlotte is a nurse in intensive care of cardiology in Strasbourg

It was rather late (summer 2021) and a little by chance that Charlotte discovered her skills in static apnea, during an introductory session, where she achieved a nice first 4 minutes on land and 5 minutes in the water. She then enrolled in the ASCA club (Molsheim, Alsace) and entered her first competitions the same year.

During her first season, she won the regional first place in static. And her second season began with a static gold medal in the french cup. Two seasons and already two participations in the French Championships.

In 2022, Charlotte also joined a research program on the body's sensitivity to 02 and CO2 and on glossopharyngeal breathing, with her trainer, Vincent Heyer, engineer and member of the Sport and Physical Activities Research Group at the CNRS, in partnership with sports and respiratory functional exploration doctors.

Who said freediving was a lonely sport???

After two years of practice, her personal records are already impressive:

STA dry 6’43
STA water 6’08
DYN bi-fins 116m
STA oxygen 14’03

Today, she dreams of a podium at the French championships and also to discover depth or participate in a video shoot (music clip, film, etc.)

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