STA Tic Tac -(static freediving computer)


"STA Tic Tac", the very first computer dedicated to static freediving.

Its marketing is planned for 2025

The STA Tic Tac was born out of frustration: Static apnea training exercises are repetitive and plannable (O2 and CO2 tables in particular). Setting up such tables during a session requires the instructor or coach:

  • to juggle between two stopwatches (freediving time and surface time)
  • to increment or decrement the times and memorize the corresponding values
  • while remaining focused on his students and possibly his own performance

All this makes it more complex to relax and ensure the session goes well.

To answer to this, the STA Tic Tac holds a catalog of sessions, suitable for beginner freedivers and competitors alike. In addition, it is possible to modify these sessions or replace them with your own routines.

Once in the water, all you have to do is choose the session and let yourself be guided, in complete relaxation.



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The STA Tic Tac offers as standard:

  • O2 tables (with customizable duration)
  • CO2 tables (with customizable duration)
  • Binary, triangular, square breathing excercises
  • Session de respiration Wim Hoff (une série d’hyperventilations,suivies par une apnée sur expiration puis une autre sur inspiration)
  • Stopwatch
  • Double countdown (for example 2 minutes + 4 minutes series)
  • Heartbeat
  • Blood oxygen saturation level
  • Memorization of events (spasms for example)
  • Bip (optionnel) lors d’un changement d’exercice ou les 5 secondes qui précèdent


You can choose:

  • one of the many series offered (whether you are a beginner or an expert)
  • to modify one of the pre-saved series
  • or create your completely personalized series


The STA Tic Tac is therefore primarily aimed at freedivers, whatever their level (in particular instructors, competitors, and their coach), as well as to underwater hunters or target shooters wishing to prepare their season


But that's not all! Because it has a waterproof stopwatch for use in swimming pools combined with a pulse oximeter (heart rate and blood oxygen level), the STA Tic Tac can be useful in many aquatic disciplines (synchronized swimming, swimming, sailing…)


NOTICE: Because it is developed in our workshop, it is possible to customize the software on request, in order to meet the most demanding needs (competitors, industrialists, color blindness, vision problems): see  Customization of the STA Tic Tac (static apnea computer)




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