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  • COMING SOONSTA Tic Tac - Static freediving computer

    STA Tic Tac -(static freediving computer)

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    "STA Tic Tac", the very first computer dedicated to static freediving.

    Its marketing is planned for 2025

    The STA Tic Tac was born out of frustration: Static apnea training exercises are repetitive and plannable (O2 and CO2 tables in particular). Setting up such tables during a session requires the instructor or coach:

    • to juggle between two stopwatches (freediving time and surface time)
    • to increment or decrement the times and memorize the corresponding values
    • while remaining focused on his students and possibly his own performance

    All this makes it more complex to relax and ensure the session goes well.

    To answer to this, the STA Tic Tac holds a catalog of sessions, suitable for beginner freedivers and competitors alike. In addition, it is possible to modify these sessions or replace them with your own routines.

    Once in the water, all you have to do is choose the session and let yourself be guided, in complete relaxation.



  • COMING SOONSTA Tic Tac - Static freediving computer

    Customization of the STA Tic Tac (static apnea computer)

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    The "STA Tic Tac" static apnea computer comes with many customizable exercises. But maybe you would like even more? A new exercise? Very special ringtones?

    As the computer is developed in-house, it is possible to adapt it to a particular need, so don't hesitate to ask!