Customization of the STA Tic Tac (static apnea computer)


The "STA Tic Tac" static apnea computer comes with many customizable exercises. But maybe you would like even more? A new exercise? Very special ringtones?

As the computer is developed in-house, it is possible to adapt it to a particular need, so don't hesitate to ask!


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The STA Tic Tac offers as standard:

  • O2 tables (with customizable duration)
  • CO2 tables (with customizable duration)
  • Binary, triangular, square breathing excercises
  • Session de respiration Wim Hoff (une série d’hyperventilations,suivies par une apnée sur expiration puis une autre sur inspiration)
  • Stopwatch
  • Double countdown (for example 2 minutes + 4 minutes series)
  • Bip (optionnel) lors d’un changement d’exercice ou les 5 secondes qui précèdent
  • Heartbeat
  • Blood oxygen saturation level
  • Memorization of events (spasms for example)


This "light" customization could be ONE of the following options:

  • custom colors (for color blind persons)
  • font size (e.g. larger menu for the visually impaired persons, or large display of information present but displayed in small fonts)
  • personalized countdown (ex: A long beep 30s before the start).
  • Custom ringtones (for example, one short beep every minute, 4 long beeps after 4 minutes, 6 long beeps after 6 minutes)


If you want more than two light customizations, or a more substantial customization, such as adding a personal exercise, we recommend that you contact us for a personalized quote.


NOTICE: This is a customization service. It does not include the computer itself, which must be purchased separately.



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